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But How?

A promotional booklet for the Game Art university course.

But How booklet


The Game Art university course can be intimidating.
Students taking this course learn to create high-quality 3D models and artwork for games.

The course was previously advertised by showing off examples of high-quality work by more advanced students.


User research showed that potential students generally only knew the basics of art before joining the course.

Potential students were not sure if they had the skill to create the high-quality models shown in promotional materials.


  • Promotional material that is not intimidating to audiences unfamiliar with game art.
  • Promotional material that is more inclusive than impressive.
  • Promotional material that bridges the gap between what the reader knows and what they will learn on the course.

The solution: a booklet that shows each step of the game artist's process, all at once.

While closed, the booklet shows the four stages of creating 3D artwork for games.


Each page of the booklet gives the user more details about that stage, using simple language and avoiding jargon.


Smaller images on the left give detail and context to the larger image to the right.


Putting But How? together

Research involved interviewing lecturers and students from the course, and people not on the course.


Existing promotional material was primarily detailed artwork that was inaccessible to beginners.

Early prototypes were created to understand and test the concepts before any  styling or content.

Prototypes were tested to make sure readers understood how the booklet worked and read each section as intended.