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Service Design: 3D Printing Workshops for Kids


3D Printing is an emerging technology that lets people design and fabricate physical objects.

By analyzing digital models, 3D printers can create physical objects out of plastics, metals and other materials.

Today, 3D printing is used to create industrial products like car and airplane parts - and by hobbyists to create household objects and crafts.

Learning to 3D print is a skill that would benefit people, both personally and professionally.


3D printing can be expensive and confusing to new users.

Software used to create printable models can be difficult to learn, and users might not be aware of what 3D printing is used for.



  • An introduction to 3D printing and what it's useful for.
  • An engaging way to learn 3D software to create printable models.
  • A basic education about 3D printing that can be built upon in the future.

The solution: Creature-building workshops for 10-15 year olds.

Kids learn to create digital models of creatures, and later 3D print them.

how it works

An early introduction leads to interest and learning in the future.

People taking up art, music, or programming as adults are able to do so, because of an early introduction to these skills as children.

Creature Labs similarly introduces 3D printing to children.

I also created a landing page to use when pitching these workshops to schools.

Link available at hellokaya.github.io/creature


Putting Creature Labs together

Research involved interviewing people who taught technical and creative skills to novice audiences.


Further research into workshops and 3D printing revealed 3 major problems to be solved.


I ideated a number of possible solutions to these problems.


Exploring 3D modelling software and techniques showed that creating organic models such as creature heads is simple and creates great results.

I identified that people pursuing painting, for example, don't have to start learning from scratch.

Art education in school introduces children to basic tools and techniques - this helps for future adoption.

I was able to create models after quick online tutorials - confirming that the workshops can work.

While creating the brand for Creature Labs, I took inspiration from laboratory graphics to create a 'mad scientist' look and feel.